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Assemblée Internationale 2009

Assemblée Internationale 09

7:45AM - 9:30AM
Currie Hall
10:00AM - 11:00AM
Orientation / introduction
11:30AM - 1:00PM
Ballet classes
Studios, Celia Franca Centre
1:00PM - 2:15PM
Lunch break for students & staff
Mona Campbell Square, Celia Franca Centre
2:30PM - 4:15PM
Rehearsals for existing repertoire
Studios, Celia Franca Centre

Interviews and Reports

Chris Baumhour

300 Hungry AI09 Students, Volunteers and Staff!
by Christopher Baumhour, NBS' Manager of Food & Beverage Operations, AI09 Host

We have been expecting this week to come, and it’s finally here, Assemblée Internationale 2009. Canada's National Ballet School is playing host to an international choreographic festival. With hosting festivities for 8 days comes 300 hungry students, volunteers and staff to feed. On any regular day during the academic year NBS’ kitchen feeds between 100-150 students and staff, which is a considerable number. Three hundred additional people is a huge number to host and accommodate.

With months of planning, numerous hours of counting and determining numbers of guests that will be coming behind us, the kitchen staff have overcome many challenges: special dietary requirements, seating accommodations, the flow of meal times, locations for feeding all the hungry students and staff, and staffing the food service locations. With the help of my team and Executive Chef Jack Sobocinski, we have been planning and planning day by day. With the experience I have from years of catering, not to mention my familiarity with residence dining locations and large quantity dining, there was much I could bring to the table in terms of organizational ideas and suggestions.

After all our strategizing, I’m confident that we have our AI09 meal plan and schedule  down to an art, just in time to welcome our guests! We’ve got staggered meal times, a well-planned menu, extra seating and divided areas for performing and non performing students for meals. Most importantly, we have a staff as excited and dedicated as I am to this event, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality and atmosphere in our kitchen areas, and will continue offering a friendly meal service to all our visitors and all our regulars at NBS. Our plan of attack is to stay focused, provide quality nutritious meals and keep everyone well fed. Bringing on extra support in food production, and bringing on a Food Service Supervisor to assist me in organization and set up means we’ll have everything in order and ready to go each meal period.

To sum it up, we wouldn’t have been able to prepare so well for the AI09 without all our volunteers, support from our suppliers, partners, and the most important, the direction of Mary Ann West, Artistic Operations Manager. With her great organization skills and dedication to Assemblée Internationale 09 and NBS, the preparation for this event has run more smoothly than any I’ve ever worked on before. I am confident that organization will carry over into the Assemblée Internationale itself, and I look forward to welcoming all our guests!

International Brunch
by Maria-Claire, NBS student

I was just about to walk downstairs in my pajamas and slippers like I would on a regular Sunday morning, when I realized it was no ordinary Sunday: It was the first day of Assemblée Internationale! After getting ready for the day, I walked back down to Curry Hall, the cafeteria where we eat all our meals in residence. Normally, there are maybe a few tables of sleepy students eating brunch, but the entire hall was transformed. There were people everywhere, all the tables were full and there was even a line for food. It was a complete international affair, there were different languages being spoken in every direction. I went to meet some of the students and desperately tried to remember all the names being thrown at me. Because the ballet world is so small, I was thrilled to see some familiar faces as well! Throughout brunch, groups of students kept arriving with artistic staff from NBS showing them around. Not only did international students and staff get to experience our meals in residence but so did our own ballet teachers. Surrounded by students and staff from fourteen different schools, it was an international brunch to remember!

Day 1 in photographs

AI09 Day 1: Orientation

AI09 Day 1: Orientation


Maeva, NBS Student (00:11)

AI09 Blog

AI09 Blog

Read our AI09 blog & check back frequently for updates.

Bonjour à tous,

We had a very good time, and the performances were at a very high level. We can be very proud of all our students. Thank you also for NBS and your team, always available and professional. I am sure we will keep this nice feeling and souvenir in our hearts a long time.

Thank you,
Elisabeth Platel, Ecole de Danse de l'Opéra national de Paris

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