NBS Spotlight

Assemblée Internationale 2017

NBS’ AI 17 visitors begin arriving this weekend! You can watch classes, rehearsals and performances via the livestream feed. Visit the portal to see the event schedule and watch events. If you can’t watch the events live, come back later to tune into past classes, rehearsals and performances.

Sharing Dance Canada 2017

Thanks to support from the Government of Canada, through the Canada 150 Fund, Sharing Dance Canada 2017 is a Canada 150 Signature Project! The 2017 choreography will be taught throughout communites and will culminate in Sharing Dance Day events across Canada on June 2, 2017.

Ideas Exchange, July 17 – 20, 2017

Professional Development for Dance Teachers
Join us for 4 intensive days of classes, workshops and lectures with NBS faculty as we explore effective strategies for teaching port de bras to dance students. Registration is now open! Learn more about the professional teachers and faculty you will be learning from here.