Every four years Canada's National Ballet School hosts the Assemblée Internationale, an international dance festival inviting professional ballet schools from around the world to participate. The first Assemblée Internationale took place in 2009, with a second festival occurring in 2013.

Assemblée Internationale 2017

May 2017 will see representatives from 21 schools at NBS participating in the next AssembIée Internationale. Each festival is built on the theme of collaboration and sees students and teachers participating in blended ballet classes and rehearsals, while showcasing through performances work that is culturally significant to their school. Additionally, choreographic works made up of blended casts are performed in a separate program.

With the AI 17 occurring in Canada’s 150th year, the focus for the choreographic works will be on Canadian artists – all of them either graduates, or current students of NBS. Visiting dancers will perform these pieces in blended casts with their choreographer leading them through rehearsals the week of the festival.

Mark your calendars now for Assemblée Internationale 2017:  April 30 to May 6, 2017.