Sharing Dance in the Community

NBS is developing valuable resources that are easily accessible to dance educators, providing a meaningful cultural experience, where we celebrate dance together without barriers.

— Linda Coe-Kirkham, Executive Director of Dance Saskatchewan Inc.

Sharing Dance in the Community

Dance is unique as it bridges the gap between the world of arts and culture, and that of sports and physical activity. Whether it’s social, physical, cultural or environmental, there are many benefits for children and youth when community-based programs are integrated with dance.

Currently, NBS offers classroom resources for teachers to use dance as a kinesthetic tool to teach course content. By January 2018, new resources will be available to help community leaders empower their communities by delivering dance in a variety of program settings.

In the meantime, jumpstart your studio, group, or organizations’ involvement by registering for Sharing Dance Day 2017!

Our Sharing Dance Day 2017 resources encourage creativity, physical literacy, and are completely free:

  • Access unique choreography that reflects Canadian values of diversity and celebrates peoples’ stories
  • View online rehearsal videos and a community toolkit to enable you and your group to learn the choreography
  • Join open rehearsals in communities across the country
  • Participate in community performances and grassroots Sharing Dance Day events beginning June 2
  • Sign up with easy online registration

Did You Know?

71% of Canadian children under the age of 18 participate in at least one of 21 physical activities. Of these, dance is the 6th most popular.

– Project Dance Report 2014, Mosaic

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