NBS has developed a program catering to and benefitting Toronto's PD community, while also informing scientific research that seeks to better understand the benefits of dance classes.

To develop the dance for PD program, NBS collaborated with leaders in the field from the Mark Morris Dance Group's Dance for PD® program in New York, established local instructor Sarah Robichaud, the founder and executive director of Dancing with Parkinson's, and researchers from York and Ryerson Universities.

Over the course of each 12-week dance session, volunteer participants are invited to participate in a series of exercises and activities.

The main objective of the study project is to study how dance affects the brains of participants with PD. NBS welcomes people with PD to participate in the program and research study. All classes are held at NBS in downtown Toronto and taught by NBS Artistic staff. Interested applicants are asked to speak with their medical provider before registering.

NBS is working with a consortium of partners - including Dancing with Parkinson’s Canada (DWP), the Parkinson Society Canada (PSC) and others - to expand the number of communities hosting the Program for people with PD.

Dancing with Parkinson's Calendar


Want to participate? Contact the Registrar's Office via email.
Event Date
Term 1 Sept 15-Dec 15 (except Oct 27 -mid term break) total 13 weeks
Term 2 Jan 5-March 22 (except Feb 16 - mid term break) total 11 weeks - final class part of David Leventhal's Intro to PD
Term 3 April 5-June 21 - total 12 weeks

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