Sharing Dance for Adults and Seniors

Sharing Dance for Adults and Seniors

The NBS Sharing Dance programs for Adults and Seniors focus on free, high-quality dance activities designed to improve balance, increase range of movement, prevent injury, and manage symptoms associated with age-related illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

Sharing Dance for Active Seniors

This program provides active seniors with access to the social and physical benefits of dance, and was developed in partnership with Baycrest Health Sciences.

Sharing Dance for People with Dementia

This specialized program was created in partnership with Baycrest Health Services to share the heath benefits of dance to those with dementia.

Sharing Dance for People with Parkinson's 

In collaboration with the Dance for Parkinson’s Network Canada, this program gives those with Parkinson’s the opportunity to move to music and share the benefits of dance with others.

Why Dance for Seniors?

Dancing regularly offers opportunities to engage artistically while reaping lifelong physical, emotional and social benefits.

NBS - Baycrest Teacher Training Workshop

This jointly-led workshop will be taught by NBS and Baycrest staff. Participants in the workshop will receive in-class instruction on aging, geriatric care, working in a long-term care facility, dementia and how to teach dance to this population.

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Synapse Dance

Watch the award-winning short documentary to see what happens in the brain of a dance student with Parkinson's.

Seniors dancing while seated in chairs

Dance for PD videos

View archived livestream dance classes for people with Parkinson’s disease.

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