Canada's National Ballet School would like to thank our annual donors for the 2015/2016 year. You can find a list of our generous supporters here

Ever wonder what happens to the gifted young dancers who you help through your support of Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS)? Here is a shining example of your donations at work and how your contributions have supported NBS students and their future endeavors.

Koerner Guest Artists Program

NBS gratefully acknowledges the support of The Koerner Foundation in creating The Guest Artists Program. The Koerner Guest Artists Program is a multi-year initiative that will enable established artists of high international acclaim to engage with students in a collaborative, creation process through a residency period. Guest Artists will deliver special mentorship and the program will provide our students in the Professional Ballet Program with an invaluable opportunity to train with some of the world’s most exciting and accomplished artists. Key to the Koerner Guest Artists Program are meaningful opportunities to connect with the wider community, including youth, through a series of public lectures, run-throughs and observations.

Congratulations to Tilman O’Donnell, NBS’ 2016 Koerner Guest Artist! As this year's recipient, Tilman workshopped with PBP students in in May. Classes saw students developing skills in understanding their creative process and their habits. A key outcome from the classes was students learning to trust their instincts as they formed greater self-awareness. Students were encouraged to develop a platform from which they are able to explore greater depths of their own creativity. During his time in Toronto, Tilman also led a class for students at a local public school.

Past recipients

Azsure Barton, 2015 recipient (Class of 1993)
Demis Volpi, 2014 recipient (Class of 2004)

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