Devon Lodge

Devon Lodge: The Juilliard School (Dance Division)

I was immediately drawn to ballet for some reason and it soon became my biggest passion.

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It is as if I have spent the formative part of my life in a studio trying to learn everything possible.

Posted: April 15
by Devon Lodge/The Juilliard School (Dance Division)

In this world it is easy to become self-proud without being proud of the people and places that have brought you to the place you are at.

Looking forward to the adventure of AI13

Posted: March 25
by Devon Lodge/The Juilliard School (Dance Division)

In preparation for the AI13 six guys from the second year class have been rehearsing an alumni piece since the end of December.

Participating Schools

Participating Schools

The schools invited to participate in the Assemblée International 2013 are those with whom NBS has a long standing history of co-operation developed over the past twenty years... Learn more >>