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The feeling of unison in the halls was contagious.

Posted: June 20
by Thomas Leprohon/Canada's National Ballet School

Genius, mad, daring, intelligent. Call it what you will, Assemblée Internationale is a revolutionary concept that is changing the relationship between dance schools.

How did you help prepare students for the Assemblée Internationale?

Posted: April 29
by Laurel Toto/Canada's National Ballet School

What I love most about this is to have all these schools come together and collaborate.

What are your impressions of the Assemblée Internationale?

Posted: April 29
by Olivia Lecomte/Canada's National Ballet School

I am a student at Canada's National Ballet School and I am also a blogger.

What I’m most looking forward to in this trip is firstly crossing the Atlantic sea.

Posted: April 22
by Martí Vilella/EESA/CPD de l'Institut del Teatre

I know that, without any doubt, this event, which is getting closer every day, will bring me a lot of experience, motivation and surprising things or facts that I cannot yet predict.

Dance brings people towards individual and team work.

Posted: April 18
by Alberto Poti/Codarts

It teaches them respect and helps them to think creatively and express themselves.

A great dance teacher is one that has all of this plus the passion and artistic nuance to influence the students.

Posted: April 16
by Cassandra Martin/Canada's National Ballet School

A good dance teacher is one that not only has great knowledge of the body, but knows how to give corrections in a way that will inspire and encourage.

Pure individuality and imagination.

Posted: April 16
by Jarrah McArthur/New Zealand School of Dance

I believe that it takes pure individuality and imagination to make a good dance choreographer.

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Participating Schools

Participating Schools

The schools invited to participate in the Assemblée International 2013 are those with whom NBS has a long standing history of co-operation developed over the past twenty years... Learn more >>