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The feeling of unison in the halls was contagious.

Posted: June 20
by Thomas Leprohon/Canada's National Ballet School

Genius, mad, daring, intelligent. Call it what you will, Assemblée Internationale is a revolutionary concept that is changing the relationship between dance schools.

It is as if I have spent the formative part of my life in a studio trying to learn everything possible.

Posted: April 15
by Devon Lodge/The Juilliard School (Dance Division)

In this world it is easy to become self-proud without being proud of the people and places that have brought you to the place you are at.

I believe that a successful choreographer’s most useful tool is their aesthetic eye.

Posted: April 15
by Olivia Lecomte/Canada's National Ballet School

When choreographing, you want to create a work that is balanced, interesting, and moving.

Pour être un parfait professeur de danse, il faut selon moi, être aussi passionné que ses élèves.

Posted: April 15
by Stéphanie Audet/L'École supérieure de ballet du Québec

Pouvoir transmettre le goût de danser, de vivre ses rêves et de réussir en se dépassant.

Il y a quelque chose d’inexplicable dans le fait de tant vouloir danser.

Posted: April 15
by Stéphanie Audet/L'École supérieure de ballet du Québec

Si je suis danseuse, c’est parce qu’au plus profond de moi, il y a cette passion insatiable, cette soif de tournoyer, ce besoin d’expression par le corps.

I'm most proud of the fact that I never gave up and I always worked very hard.

Posted: April 15
by Lorenzo Angelini/John Cranko Schule

There were moments where everything felt emotional, when everything was going wrong.

A good dancer is hard to become; a good teacher is even harder.

Posted: April 15
by Agnes Su/John Cranko Schule

In my opinion, a good teacher is one that teaches selflessly with the pure intention of passing on knowledge to their students.

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Participating Schools

Participating Schools

The schools invited to participate in the Assemblée International 2013 are those with whom NBS has a long standing history of co-operation developed over the past twenty years... Learn more >>