Det Kongelige Teaters Balletskole (Royal Danish Ballet School)

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Since the 1770s, the Royal Theatre’s Royal Danish Ballet School has professionally trained dancers who perform in the Royal Danish Theatre’s own company, as well as other companies around the world.   During the past 200 years the Ballet School has therefore been one of the key contributors in establishing the Royal Danish Ballet’s current world-wide fame. The comprehensive and renowned training has produced ballet dancers of international magnitude who have thrilled both Danish and international audiences.

The students are still taught the same steps as they were more than 200 years ago and even in some of the same studios. However, there the similarities cease.

The Royal Danish Ballet School is an elite school with a focus on mental development, motivation, performance and talent development. Every morning from Monday to Friday (and beginning in the GRade 4, also on Saturdays) the students are taught one and a half hours of classical ballet. From the Grade 7 onwards, the students are also taught Pilates, drama, modern dance and other styles one or two afternoons per week.

The Royal Danish Ballet School includes approximately 85 to 90 students from age six to 16. Besides the daily ballet training the students also receive a comprehensive education at the theatre’s academic school.

Thomas Lund, Director

Thomas Lund was admitted to the Royal Danish Ballet School, 1986. He joined the Royal Danish Ballet, where he was appointed principal dancer in 2000. His principal appearances at the Royal Danish Ballet saw him dancing most of the leads in the Bournonville repertoire: La Sylphide, Napoli, The Kermesse at Bruges, Le Conservatiore, The Flower Festival in Genzano etc. and leads in ballets by Danish choreographers: Harald Lander Etudes, Flemming Flindt Caroline Mathilde, The Lesson. A number of parts have been created especially for Mr. Lund by choreographers such as Peter Martins, Kim Brandstrup,Tim Rushton, Lila York, Lar Lubovitch, Alexei Ratmansky,Twyla Tharp and Jirí Kylian.

As a dancer, Mr. Lund has appeared in galas and performances with several companies around the world and won many awards during his dancing career.

Prior to becoming Artistic Director in 2012, Lund was Ballet master and teacher at the Royal Danish Ballet, as well as a lecturer at Bournonville seminars, ballet master and teacher at companies and schools around the world.

In 2011 Lund directed the new version of Etudes (together with Lise Lander and Nikolaj Hübbe) and again in 2012 with Boston Ballet (together with Lise Lander).

As a choreographer Lund has set several of his own ballets for workshops and worked within the Bournonville style: A new version of Napoli 2nd act, Another Act, 2004, Bournonville Variations, 2010, Bournonville Fantasy, 2011.



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