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Assemblée Internationale 09

Assemblée Internationale 09

Introduction to AI09

Welcome to the Assemblée Internationale! From November 15 - 22, 2009 Canada's National Ballet School played host to an international choreographic festival. Students from participating schools were a part of the first-ever Assemblée Internationale 2009: A Student-Centred Dance Celebration (AI09), focusing on student choreography and the art of dance. The week-long event included classes, rehearsals and performances. In addition, each school performed two works. The first was a dance piece from their existing repertoire, while the second was a work created by a student and performed by a group composed of students from each of the partner schools.

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Following the festival, on Sunday, November 22, students, teachers and invited guests participated in an ideas exchange/forum, spotlighting ways in which current and emerging practitioners would like to see the art form and professional practices evolve.

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Interviews and Reports

Martine Lamy

Martine Lamy, NBS Professional Ballet Program Teacher, AI09 Host

Martine Lamy is a former NBS student, Principal Dancer with The National Ballet of Canada, an NBS Teacher Training Program graduate and now teaches in the Professional Ballet Program at NBS. Martine is one of the AI09 hosts and is partnered with Ecole de Danse de l’Opéra national de Paris.

Two weeks ago, Martine stepped in to assist the visiting students and staff from Cuba who expressed some concern about the weather they were to encounter in Toronto in November (coming from a tropical climate, none of the Cubans' wardrobes contain clothes required for a Canadian fall/winter). Martine quickly drew up a list of names, with the necessary sizes of coats and boots and sent out an email to all staff at NBS asking them to take on one individual to provide all items necessary for a typical wintry day. Martine was surprised by the response to her email, "It was fantastic, just fantastic – I had over fifty replies. Within 24 hours everyone was equipped with boots, gloves, hats, scarves and sweaters!"

Originally from Quebec, Martine essentially stopped speaking French when she arrived at NBS at ten years of age. When asked about her hosting duties for the French visitors, Martine says laughing, “I only hope my French is good enough – now I have to think before I speak in French!”

But what she’s looking forward to most of all is the week itself, "all the different people – with different styles and methods of teaching... Seeing their approaches to training and performance, and being able to watch other teachers teaching..."

Empowering Ballet Artists

Mavis Staines, NBS' Artistic Director
& Co-CEO (04:03)

Welcome to NBS!

Alp, NBS Student (00:26)

4 1/2 Million Air Miles!

Mary Ann West, NBS' Artistic
Operations Manager (02:59)

Participating Schools and Galleries


Canada's National Ballet School

Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet School


San Francisco Ballet School


National Ballet School of Cuba


Australian Ballet School


School of the Hamburg Ballet

Ecole de Danse de l'Opéra national de Paris

John Cranko School (Stuttgart)

Rotterdam Dance Academy, Codarts

National Ballet Academy (Amsterdam)

The Royal Ballet School (London, England)

Royal Danish Ballet School

Palucca Schule Dresden

The Royal Conservatory (The Hague)

AI09 Blog

AI09 Blog

Read our AI09 blog & check back frequently for updates.

Thanks to Our AI09 Supporters!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Aeroplan, Canada's National Ballet School will resound with dance and a multitude of languages during the AI. Their support in bringing international and North American students and teachers to Toronto allows us to host a unique, once-in-a-fifty-year-opportunity!

Also, we gratefully thank the Consulat Général de France à Toronto for their support of the AI festivities.


Consulat Général de France à Toronto


News & Press Releases

Inspired & Uplifted

I also want to send my sincere and warmest gratitude to you all for being a part of a great week in Toronto. I did not only feel inspired and uplifted by watching all of our students together, but also found the directors forum very positive.
Thank you for being a part of a great international family, where we all strive to educate and create dancers for the future.

Best wishes,
Niels Balle,
Royal Danish Ballet School

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