staff member Rachel Bar(Class of 2002)

Rachel Bar, Health Initiatives and Research Consult for NBS, Class of 2002

There are many places around the world that offer great ballet training, but few are committed to developing artists in the way that I experienced at Canada's National Ballet School. As a student, I was not only trained technically to seek employment in the competitive ballet market, but I was encouraged to keep my mind and spirit equally as sharp. The school's strict academic requirements no doubt helped to facilitate this, but this was complimented by a climate of respect for independent thought that I think is particularly unusual for a ballet school. The result for me was that I was  not only able to fulfill my dream of dancing professionally, but also take my training beyond my dance career. Currently, I am completing my PhD in clinical psychology and exploring the meaning and benefits of dance in older adulthood. I have no doubt that it was my training at NBS that laid the groundwork for me to continue to explore and share my art with the world in meaningful ways.