Canada’s National Ballet School Ballet staff bring a love of dance, years of experience and expert training honed through professional dance experience and/or continuing professional development to their teaching. All Ballet teachers are graduates of the Teacher Training Program at NBS and many have taught at the School for over 25 years.  

Mavis Staines

Visionary dance educator Mavis Staines has revolutionized the way dance is taught, performed, witnessed and shared across Canada and around the world. Over her 30-year tenure as Artistic Director of Canada’s National Ballet School, she has cemented the School’s reputation as the leading champion of excellence, access, and inclusion in dance.

Cathryn Gregor

Cathryn Gregor joined NBS in 2013, having most recently held a position at Opera Lyra, Ottawa in 2012. Previously, Gregor was the Arts Investment Fund Program Officer at the Ontario Arts Council. Before that, she was Chief Operating Officer of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Director of Transition Planning for the renovation of the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts, one of Toronto's seven cultural renaissance capital projects.