An adult ballet student has a laugh during class.

Dance, in all its forms, requires grace and artistry but it also requires strength. Canada’s National Ballet School offers an early morning strengthening program for participants 18+. All can benefit from Dance Based Conditioning (DBC) classes, whether one has years of ballet experience or is new to the dance field. Led by NBS’ “Ballet Bob” McCollum, these classes will target core strength and coordination. With progression through a series of exercises participants will see an increase in balance as well as movement expression.

These classes are a rare opportunity for adults to benefit from the same conditioning exercises NBS’ Professional Ballet Program students use. They have been developed over many years into a unique, intense and highly respected conditioning system designed to improve the body’s strength and coordination while also preventing improper form and injury. DBC classes will allow adults the opportunity to learn the Dowd exercises and improve their core strength, coordination and balance.

Classes are offered for 15 week sessions (Terms I & II), 10 week sessions (Term III) and 5 week sessions (Summer Term), with the same class offered twice each week from 7:30-8:25am. A perfect way to see an improvement in overall fitness, these classes will work muscles and prepare participants to start the work day with a smile. Low impact DBC classes will enhance those already taking dance classes, while also providing a great introduction for those considering taking more intensive dance classes.

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