The following generous donors have contributed to GALA 60: VIBRANT, honouring 60 vibrant eras of NBS history. We are infinitely grateful…
Thank you for the visionary support of

NBS’ 60TH ANNIVERSARY CIRCLE - 2020 Gala Contributors

Dr. James D. Fleck, CC
Lynda C. Hamilton
Richard M. Ivey*, C
Anna McCowan Johnson & Donald K. Johnson, OC
Sandra & Jim Pitblado
An Anonymous Donor
* Fondly Remembered
Vibrant Party Supporters
Sally Hannon and Howard Barton
Media Sponsor
Globe and Mail
Guest Gift Sponsors

VIP Table Sponsor
Cartier North America
Print Sponsor
The Printing & Promotion Group of Companies
Étoile Table
The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain, CC
Principal Tables
Cartier North America
An Anonymous Donor
Corps de Ballet Tables

Talia Evtushenko and Alexander Fraser



Brian Miron

Tanya Taylor

Half Tables
Helen Burstyn
Eli Taylor
Ann Lawson-Brehl and Paul Brehl
Charlotte Apps
Raji Aujla
Angelina Bakshi
Brittany Barkwell
Christina, Christopher and Evie Begy
Carol Darling
Jessica and David Diamond
Adrienne and Michael Down Coulson
Allison Freeman
Kathleen Freeman
Jessica Goldberg
Anne Hilton and Gregory Sullivan
Erin Lang and Ted Browne
Eva and Allen Lau
Claire Kilgour Hervey
Jen Lee Koss
Jolie Lin
Kulin Matchhar
Tess Saare McLean
Kelly Olsen
Monica Shin
Andrea Stairs and Nini Krishnappa
Kim Tanenbaum
Anisa Tejpar

A special extension of our gratitude…

2020 Gala Committee

Creative Director
Tanya Taylor

Jennifer Lee Koss and Tanya Taylor

Charlotte Apps, Raji Aujla, Amanda Balasubramanian, Brittany Barkwell, Blair Bitove, Helen Burstyn, Allison Freeman, Claire Kilgour-Hervey, Jennifer Kirou, Mary Susanne Lamont, Fallon Melo, Monica Shin, Kim Tanenbaum, Kate Taylor Martin, Anisa Tejpar, Sarah Widmeyer, Brittany Wielgosz

2020 First Position Patrons Committee

Shira Tsinman, Karlee Vukets

Vice Chair
Raji Aujla

Tandis Azarbad, Simon Beck, Evie Begy, Lisa Conway, Cécile Ferandier-Sicard, Emad Ghattas, Vasilia Kratsios, Gurbani Marwah, Kulin Matchhar, Linley McConnell, Qoratia Parmanand, Rahul Patel, Valeria Ramirez, Samantha Russell, Grier Schmidt, Hailey Vasyliw


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