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By giving to NBS you give people of all ages and abilities access to the benefits of dance.

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2019 Gala: GLAM ROCK.

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We are pleased to assist you with the process and answer any questions you may have about your contribution. Call us at 416-964-3780 or 1-800-387-0785.

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US Contributors: Currently, your contribution will only be US-tax-deductible if you make it offline, via the 'Friends of Canada's National Ballet School', not online. Please call NBS directly at 416.964.3780. If you make a contribution online, then it may not be US tax deductible. We hope to implement changes that allow us in the near future to accept online, US tax-deductible contributions.

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Gift Amount Descriptions

Whether you were born and raised in Toronto or are here from someplace else, you can bring a community-building, soul-stirring, physically active program to your hometown. Supporting a Sharing Dance Day program and event in your hometown will get people dancing for fun and for health. If we're already in your town, your support will help us engage even more kids. If we're not, your support will spark a movement we'll build on. And if your hometown isn't in Canada, your support can help us take the program international.
Have you been to New Zealand or the Czech Republic? Did you know that last year our students visited these countries and many more through NBS’ Student Exchange Program? Your gift towards the student exchange program provides the opportunity for up to 40 students to pack their pointe shoes and dancewear and explore another corner of the world by living abroad and training with peers that share their passion for dance.
The world of ballet is in a constant state of evolution as the contemporary world brings in new and changing contexts. At NBS we believe this is a good thing!  Each year, NBS works with guest artists who are critical in the training of our Professional Ballet Students. By providing a new or different perspective along with their expertise, guest artists teach students to be open and versatile dancers.
All of us share memories of our best teachers, the ones that made a big impact in our growth and development. No matter what field it is, all students are given the opportunity to reach their full potential with great teachers. Your gift will ensure that NBS continues to offer the highest quality in dance teacher training for the Professional Ballet Program as well as other programs such as Sharing Dance Kids.
You may have personally experienced the benefits of dance for improving health and well-being or you may have just heard about it and believe it’s possible. Your gift will help support the ongoing research and evaluation of Sharing Dance Seniors, a partnership with Baycrest that will drive NBS to share dance with an increasing number of seniors across Canada. Not only will more and more seniors improve their quality of life through dance, NBS research will contribute to the growing field of study of the physical, cognitive and social impacts that dance offers this population.
Is the next Baryshnikov sitting quietly in his grade 3 class, not knowing what dance can bring to his life? We think so. In fact, we know there is probably more than one and NBS wants to spark the interest of the next generation of dancers through accessible programs and resources that mean dance can happen anywhere! By making a gift to this program, you support the creation and delivery of free, online NBS Sharing Dance resources for teachers and community organizations across the country. Over 20,000 students participated in these programs last year. Imagine if there were 100,000 or a million?