Expressing your steampunk-style is simpler than you might think.

Be bold with your clothing, hairstyling, jewellery and makeup. The trick is to remember that Steampunk should be a mixture of fashion trends from different historical periods. Include some kind of contemporary element to your outfit, or try wearing a modern gown, and including unique vintage elements into your accoutrements. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to get creative! Steampunk culture is about being proud, and uniquely individual.

Learn more about the 6 rules of Steampunk Fashion here.



We encourage guests to dress the part. You never know, you may just go home with a little something to help accentuate your next outfit!

 2015 Affair to Remember Gala Winners

Best Dressed Female – Krista Grayson
Prize: A vintage 1950’s Weiss rhinestone set necklace with matching earrings
from the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection

Best Dressed Male – James Temple
Prize: A custom tailored bespoke blazer care of Judy Lawrie and
S.H. Spiros Custom Tailor.


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View the gallery below to see images from last year's NBS Gala.