Four dancers perform onstage.

Senior students at NBS are eligible for a number of dance and academic awards. Academic awards are announced at the annual Graduation ceremony in June. Dance awards may be announced throughout the year as well as at the Graduation Ceremony. 

Peter Dwyer Award

Five prizes are given annually to PBP students in honour of the memory of Peter Dwyer, a key force in founding and developing the Canada Council.  While Peter Dwyer was a firm believer that all human beings deserve equal respect, he also was unafraid to challenge the notion that each individual is equal in their abilities and openly acknowledged and celebrated those most gifted in the arts.

The 2018 awards were given to Leo Hepler, Genevieve Penn Nabity and Charlie Skuy. Shared awards were given to Jason Chen and Mika Omori, and to Mariana Gasperin and Tamaho Yasooka.

The 2017 awards were given to Alexi Skinner, Hannah Galway, Siphe November, Ryan Tomash and Daina Zolty.


The Wallace F. McCain Award

Generously created by Larry and Judy Tanenbaum to honour the memory of their dear friend and leading NBS supporter Wallace F. McCain, this award makes it possible for the School to support an exceptional global talent in ballet; providing a youth of the highest achievement, ability and drive a place in the Professional Ballet Program regardless of their financial means.  This award enables NBS to successfully attract the finest dance talent from around the world in an international competition populated by large, well-resourced institutions from Europe, Asia and the United States. Students offered this award may be at any stage of their training.

2018 Graduation Award Winners

The Patricia Goss Award for Art honours the most creative art student in Grade 12 who has demonstrated a deep commitment to the realization of visual and artistic skills. Established by Jane and Stephen Smith, this award pays tribute to the inspiration and joy with which Pat Goss taught her students for twenty-five years. 

The Mora Oxley Award for English was established to honour Mora Oxley, Academic Principal of Canada’s National Ballet School from April 1984 to her retirement in June 2000. The award is given annually to the Grade 12 student chosen by the academic teachers as an outstanding student of English. It is intended to keep alive Mora Oxley's enormous contribution to the development of high academic standards at Canada’s National Ballet School, and her passion for English studies. 

The study of music is an integral part of the training offered to students at Canada’s National Ballet School. The musicianship award has been designed to recognize a student who demonstrates the rare combination of knowledge, skill, creativity, talent and dedication.

The Governor General’s Academic Medal was first presented in 1873 by the Earl of Dufferin, and has since become one of the most prestigious awards that a student in a Canadian educational institution can receive.  The Medal is awarded for academic excellence to the student who achieves the highest average upon graduation.

The Citizenship Award is presented to a student who demonstrates leadership, scholarship, and an outstanding contribution to the quality of life at Canada’s National Ballet School.

John Maitland was Academic Principal of Canada’s National Ballet School from 2000 until his retirement in 2010. A strong supporter of all areas of study, his love of math and science, subjects at which he excelled, made his a fitting name to attach to this award. It is presented to the student who best exemplifies all-round academic accomplishment while showing a particular aptitude and affection for mathematics and science. 

The Lawrence Haskett Scholarship is awarded to a Grade 12 male student who the ballet faculty consider especially committed to the art form and determined to fully explore his exceptional talent.

For outstanding achievement through discipline and commitment to ballet, academics, and personal development. The recipient may use the prize for the purposes of enhancing their ballet training and furthering their dance career in any way they choose.

Erik Bruhn loved the challenge of mentoring talented young dancers, especially those with the intelligence, passion, curiosity and sense of artistry essential to bringing classical and contemporary dance to life. The recipient of the Erik Bruhn Memorial Award is selected by the Artistic Director in conjunction with the ballet faculty, many of whom had the privilege of working directly with Erik as a teacher, coach and colleague. The staff look forward each year to selecting the Grade 12 student they believe Erik would have considered exceptional.

In tribute to NBS graduate Jeffrey Kirk’s extraordinary integrity and world-renowned artistic achievements, the award is presented to an individual who has consistently demonstrated an unwavering level of commitment and impassioned determination to fully explore their talent. The award winner, like Jeffrey, celebrates all dance forms while cherishing the traditions of classical ballet. The recipient of this award is a dancer of tremendous courage who embraces the challenges of the art form, eager to find creative solutions.

The prize to be awarded to one graduating student of exceptional talent and merit, selected by the Artistic Director. If there is no suitable candidate in a given year, the funds for that year's Award will be re-invested. The student may either be male or female, either Canadian or International, and will be attending NBS' Post-Secondary Program.