NBS National Audition Tour

Stage One: National Audition Tour,
Visiting 18 Locations Across Canada

Stage one of the audition process is an abbreviated class taught by a member of NBS' artistic faculty. The audition class is specially structured to assess a range of qualities including coordination, musicality, quality of movement and physical suitability for the demands of classical ballet. No special preparation is required, and prior dance training is not essential for children under 12 years of age.

Parents/guardians are welcome to observe these audition classes. Invitations to attend Stage Two of the audition process, Summer School, will be offered following the class to those students who successfully completed Stage One.

Note to Parents: When registering for your audition, please register your child for the grade he/she will be entering into starting September 2019.


Stage Two: Summer School

Stage Two of NBS' audition process is for students who have successfully auditioned for the Professional Ballet Program or the Introductory Grade 5 Summer School. It consists of a four-week intensive Summer School at NBS in Toronto in July. Approximately 175 auditioning students attend dance classes for the four-week period along with returning NBS students.

This period is more relaxed than NBS' formal school year; due partly to the fact that there are no academic classes and there are many fun activities and outings planned for the hours not spent dancing.

Who can Audition?

  • Students entering academic grades 6-12 in September 2019.
  • Students entering Grade 5 in September 2019 may audition for the Introductory Summer School.
  • Students who have completed high school in a rigorous full-time dance program who wish to prepare for professional careers.
  • Students unable to audition in person may apply by DVD. Students who will be in grades 5 - 12 next September should register here Students applying to the Post Secondary Program should register here

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