“It is so amazing to work with people who are so body aware and whose bodies have unlimited potential.”
- Cynthia Roberts


Our Ideas Exchange program includes not only Artistic Staff, but other vital faculty that keep our dancers’ bodies working to their maximum potential. 

This week’s feature focuses on physiotherapist Cynthia Roberts.
Position: Physiotherapist.
Number of years of physiotherapy experience: 17 years in total, 8 years at NBS
 Dance background/ experience working in a dance environment: I danced in different styles growing up and about 8 years ago started to work here at NBS.
Common physiotherapy exercises practiced on dancers: Foot strengthening exercises.
Turnout strengthening exercises.
Fascia mobilizing exercises to address restriction in flexibility.  
Describe the importance of physiotherapy in a professional dancer’s career: There are three key areas: preventing injuries, rehabilitation from injuries, and optimizing potential.
Preventing Injuries: I identify areas of tightness and weakness – noticing things that are not yet problems, but can become them.
Rehabilitation: I help students get back into the studio faster. I work to keep them dancing by teaching them how to modify their movements (to prevent further injury).
Optimizing Potential: I work with students to improve their turnout, flexibility, point etc.
Something unique you bring to this program: By creating relationships with teachers we can work together to help optimize a dancer’s potential.
Something we may not know about you: I have two children who both are dancers.
Someone who influenced you growing up: Martine Lamy was an inspirational dancer to me growing up.  She embodied such power and strength, combined with grace, which I found fascinating.
Describe your approach to physiotherapy in 3 words: Educational. Empowering. Compassionate.  
Favourite aspect about being a physiotherapist in this environment: The dancers. It is so amazing to work with people who are so body aware and whose bodies have unlimited potential. They are so motivated and exceptionally talented.
Favourite part about the Ideas Exchange program: The sharing of knowledge.