Webinar: Re-Framing the Studio: Equity and Diversity in Practice

Wednesday, May 23 at 10:30 a.m. ET and 1:30 p.m. ET

Dance is a universal language through which we express emotion and share our stories and culture. Across the country, dance teachers nurture and inspire the next generation of dancers, teachers and choreographers. They are central to the future of dance in Canada. It is critical, therefore, that teachers engage in conversation about equity, diversity and inclusion in dance. Embracing and understanding these concepts and taking active steps to improve access to dance programming will empower the dance community to harness a more full spectrum of ideas, perspectives and experiences building a more innovative and inclusive future for dance in Canada.

Co-hosted by Kevin Ormsby, Artistic Director of KasheDance and Ashleigh Powell, Manager of NBS Sharing Dance Program - the webinar will:

- Discuss demographic change in Canada and how it impacts communities today and in the future.

- Share the stories of dancers who overcame barriers and adversity to pursue their passion and create a career in dance

- Explore the role of dance teachers and studio owners in creating the conditions for a more equitable, inclusive and diverse dance community

Join the conversation and please click the links below to be directed to the webinar sessions:

10:30 am ET webinar 

1:30 pm ET webinar