NBS has a physiotherapy department on hand, to assist students with the best way to care for their body, stay strong and prevent injury. Our physiotherapy department boasts two physiotherapists, Jen Denys and Cynthia Roberts. Below is an ongoing series of articles with tips and suggestions from our physiotherapists on how to take best care of your body.

Meet Jennifer Denys, one of the NBS physios


Jennifer Denys

Jennifer’s experiences at NBS began as a physiotherapy student in 2003 when she completed a preceptorship at NBS with Physiotherapist Joanna Speller. Jennifer was invited into her official role in 2005 and has been a Physiotherapist here ever since. Her role has become increasingly integrated with the artistic staff, not only to treat injury, but also through strategic initiatives aimed at preventing injury and optimizing the dancers’ potential.

Jennifer has been a Registered Physiotherapist since 2003. She holds a Master of Science (Physiotherapy) from McMaster University and a Bachelor of Human Kinetics from Trinity Western University along with several top awards for academic achievement and citizenship.  She has completed post-graduate advanced training in Manual Therapy (Level 4, Orthopedic Division, Canadian Physiotherapy Association); Contemporary Acupuncture (McMaster University); Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston (Level 2, Julie Wiebe PT); and Certification as a PfilatesTM (Pelvic Floor Pilates) Instructor via Dr. Bruce Crawford.  Jennifer treasures the mentorship she has received in dance-specific physiotherapy through Joanna Speller, Irene Dowd, and Lisa Howell.

Jennifer’s professional practice also takes place at ellephysio in Oakville, ON. With a focus on active, empowering care, and with a dance studio built into the clinic, Jennifer is grateful to have found the ideal venue for sharing her elite experience with local dancers and anyone looking for greater physical well-being.  With a passion for empowering people to help themselves, in 2014, Jennifer became the co-creator of the BE CALM protocol and co-author of the document “Reasons to think twice before icing and what to do instead,” along with Rebecca Dietzel, a biochemist and NBS’s nutrition consultant.  Jennifer also teaches proactive workshops in the areas of dance, posture, breath, pelvic floor fitness, and the BE CALM protocol.    

 Jennifer continues to be active in a lifelong passion for dance via classes, improvisation, choreography and performance.  Past credits include performances with Corps Bara Dance Company (Calgary, AB), the Hamilton Dance Company (Hamilton, ON), Clearwater Theater (Mississauga, ON), and The Meeting House (Oakville, ON).   She lives in Oakville, ON with her husband and 2 stepchildren.

Meet Cynthia Roberts, one of the NBS physios


Cynthia Roberts

Cynthia Roberts is a Registered Physiotherapist and has been working at NBS since September 2009.  Growing up dancing ballet and other dance styles, Cynthia developed a fascination and appreciation for the human body and how it moves.  This led her to choose physiotherapy as a profession.  It was always her dream to marry her passion for dance with her passion for physiotherapy and Cynthia is so thrilled that this dream became a reality.  She works in partnership with the ballet staff to not only treat injured students, but also prevent injuries and maximize their potential.

After graduating from Queen’s University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Cynthia practiced in private clinics honing her orthopaedic skills.  She has completed numerous post-graduate courses, focusing on manual therapy and exercise prescription.  She has learned an immense amount of dance-related physiotherapy from Irene Dowd and Lisa Howell.

Cynthia’s NBS work is complimented by her work at Healthy Balance Therapeutics, a private clinic in Oakville, Ontario.  She brings her dance physiotherapy skills to the wider dancing population there, as well as to the general public.  No matter who she is treating, she empowers people to take control of their recovery by educating them regarding the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics behind their condition.  Cynthia aims to take a holistic view of the problem, by identifying the underlying root causes and addressing those to resolve the issue and prevent future recurrences. 

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