Have you seen the Sharing Dance fundraiser leaderboard? Take a look – you’ll probably see Evan and Myah leading the way. Every dollar they raise has an incredible impact making quality dance activities more accessible to people of all ages and abilities across Canada.
Not only are they topping the leaderboard – they’re also some of our youngest dancers. Check out their stories below to learn about why they’re dancing to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.
myah.jpg  Myah
 I love the way dance can bring people together . . .
 I have loved to dance since I was five-years-old. It just makes me happy! When I heard about Sharing Dance, I signed up right away. I even convinced my mom to join me.
I have been learning the Sharing Dance choreography at Absolute Dance in Calgary. I love the parts where we pass the energy ball back and forth, and where we show Canadian history through our movements. I love how we can tell a story through the dance.
I am so excited to see the way onlookers will react when we perform at Sharing Dance Day 2017. I hope it will inspire others. I can’t wait to be part of that day!
Learning the Sharing Dance choreography makes me feel like I’m learning a way to represent Canada . . .
evan.jpgDance is simply a part of who I am – I can’t describe it better than that! It makes me feel excited and happy. I love music and moving around. I feel like I’m representing my personality when I dance.
This is my first year participating in Sharing Dance. Like Myah, I rehearse at Absolute Dance in Calgary. I love the choreography – it’s fun and challenging to learn so many different types of dance all combined into one piece. I also like how there is a seated version of the choreography so that everybody can be included.
On Sharing Dance Day, I’m most looking forward to coming together with my community and showing the world that anybody can dance.
Please join Evan and Myah today.
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Happy dancing!