2016 Sharing Dance Day Routine


Join us and learn the routine through the online instructional videos.

About the Choreographer

Kevin Ormsby (Photo by Chris Cushman)Kevin Ormsby is the Artistic Director of KasheDance and has been dancing in Jamaica, the United States and Canada for over twenty years. His choreography reflects his unique dance history and takes its form from blending the influences of Afro-Caribbean culture through modern and classical dance techniques. Learn more about Kevin here.

About the Music

The 2016 Sharing Dance Day routine was set to Jully Black's Sweat of Your Brow. Born in Toronto, Jully has released several chart-topping hits. Sweat of Your Brow was released in 2005 and is the perfect fun and upbeat song for Sharing Dance Day. Learn more about Jully here.


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