Canada’s National Ballet School and Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care are establishing an evidence-base for a dance program for people with dementia, and will work with partners to expand the program to other long-term care facilities. NBS teaches a weekly program for dementia residents at the Baycrest Centre with support from Baycrest staff.

After a pilot project year of dance classes and approval of the Baycrest Ethics Committee, the joint NBS-Baycrest research program will explore the effectiveness of the NBS-Baycrest dance program that has been developed for both residents and their Personal Support Workers (PSWs). For residents, it will explore the physical, cognitive, and emotional effects of the classes. 

For Personal Support Workers, it will explore if actively including them in the classes improves job satisfaction and their relationships with the residents.

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Event Date
Term 1 Oct 20-Dec 15 (total 9 weeks)
Term 2 Jan 5-Mar 15 (total 11 weeks) - we will be at NBS on March 22 with David Leventhal
Term 3 April 5-June 7 (total 10 weeks)

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