Ever wonder how dance brings people together? Look no further than St. John’s, Newfoundland. Sharing Dance in St. John’s launched in 2016 with a small but keen group of community members. This year, the group has grown to include the local Boys and Girls Club, students from Kittiwake Dance Theatre, a group from Parkinson Society Newfoundland & Labrador, and a group of seniors from St. Patrick’s Mercy Home—all of whom are learning the choreography.
“Being a part of the Sharing Dance Day initiative has been an extremely rewarding experience for me,” says Charlotte Fowlow, the St. Patrick’s and Parkinson Canada group instructor, who has noticed the significant impact Sharing Dance has had on the participants.
“I'm working with a group from St. Patrick's Mercy Home (long term care) as well as a group from the Parkinson's Society. Many of the participants have never taken a dance class before, much less performed in public. While most were apprehensive at first, they quickly became comfortable with the material and were able to let go of their inhibitions and move freely.”
Free public rehearsals have also been hosted at the Arts and Culture Centre. Led by a committed group of volunteers, these groups will join together on June 3rd to perform at several different locations throughout the city, including a local farmer’s market and the iconic Atlantic Place in downtown St. John’s.
“Sharing Dance Day St. John's is important to our community because it provides people from all different ages, backgrounds and levels of mobility the opportunity to come together and make something really beautiful,” says Fowlow. “I'm so excited to share what we've been working on!”