Sharing Dance rehearsals will be livestreamed from NBS’ studios every other Friday (beginning February 12) and available on-demand through the Sharing Dance website.These online rehearsals are a fun and easy way to learn the routine, get extra practice outside of community classes, and connect with the national Sharing Dance community. With Sharing Dance Day scheduled for June 3, you’ve still got plenty of time to get a group together to learn the routine.
The choreographer, Kevin Ormsby, will be participating in some of the livestreamed rehearsals so make sure you tune in!
Kevin Ormsby works independently as an Arts Marketing Consultant, dance teacher, choreographer, and movement coach. He is also the Artistic Director of  KasheDance - a dance company hinging on the traditions of modern dance, ballet and the Diaspora. A passionate advocate of dance education, writing and outreach, he has presented papers and sat on panels in the US, Caribbean and across Canada. 
Dance is a human expression, we do it every day through the many activities in our daily lives. I encourage you to join me in making it a joyous part of our everyday. I created a piece for this year’s Sharing Dance that anyone could do. Making it your own is a part of the experience. I invite you to dance with us as we celebrate the importance dance in our lives.  – Kevin Ormsby