Sharing Dance for Children and Youth

The Sharing Dance Classroom Resources are currently offline. 

Resource Developments

In 2018, we’ll be launching our flagship course Introduction to Creative Movement, which will guide teachers and community leaders through the basics of leading engaging and enriching creative movement programs in their home schools and communities.  We’ll be revamping the classrooms resources to fit into the new and improved Activity Library, developed in collaboration with partners.  These offerings will provide more opportunity for children and youth from all over the country to experience the joy of dance and the physical, psychological and social benefits that accompany taking part in meaningful creative movement activities.
Throughout 2018 and beyond we’ll be expanding our courses and activities on an ongoing basis, so you can expect regular updated materials to incorporate into your professional practice and activity planning.

What we need from you

To implement these changes, the existing Classroom Resources will be offline as of December 4th.  To be automatically enrolled in the courses and resources that will become available in 2018, we need you to opt-in using the link below.
You will also have the opportunity to receive:
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  • Information about our upcoming 2018 Sharing Dance Day choreography and how you can get involved
Users who do not opt-in for automatic enrollment will need to re-activate their accounts manually in 2018 to access the new content and resources.
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