Sharing Dance with North Preston

NBS’ relationship with North Preston began in fall 2016. The partnership was originally focused on engaging the community in Sharing Dance Canada 2017, but as the partnership developed so did the relationship, and new opportunities for deeper engagement between NBS and North Preston became apparent.

Working closely with LaMeia Reddick, our community consultant, we developed the NBS Sharing Dance: Take the Lead project. Through this project, we are working with a group of young women from North Preston to build confidence and leadership skills through dance, empowering them to lead Sharing Dance initiatives in their community. Our goal is to empower these young women to take leadership roles in their community and to make a positive impact through engagement in the arts. Through a series of mentorship workshops and a youth leadership retreat hosted here at NBS, we hope to build their capacity to act as mentors in the North Preston community for the next generation of young leaders.
During the retreat, the girls had the opportunity to visit cultural and artistic hubs of Toronto, and connect with North Preston community members now residing in Toronto, building important personal and professional networks for the mentees. Engaging and mentoring the youth of North Preston enriches the relationship between Sharing Dance and the North Preston community. We plan to implement ways for the leaders who have been through the program to work with and inspire a new cohort. This provides opportunities to develop increased leadership skills and deepen their commitment to dance in their community.
In the fall of 2016, NBS originally began filming in North Preston as part of the Sharing Dance Canada 2017 project. As the relationship between NBS and North Preston progressed and deepened, however, the opportunity to create a short video that sheds a positive light on the North Preston community through a dance lens became apparent. This video highlights the close partnership we’ve developed with North Preston, and demonstrates the powerful impact dance can make.
We’re grateful that Sharing Dance: Take the Lead is supported by The McCain Foundation, a vibrant philanthropic leader that finds innovative ways to create positive change for the benefit of communities across Canada, particularly those in the Atlantic region.

We Are North Preston

Written by Abena Beloved Green (Amoako-Tuffour), this poem was commissioned by NBS for the NBS Sharing Dance: Take the Lead project.