NBS has recently teamed up with the 60 Minute Kids’ Club (60MKC) to help children and youth incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.
The 60MKC is a free program that promotes physical literacy and healthy behaviours by encouraging students to participate in a 30 day challenge.
The 60MKC suite consists of two tools that support delivering and tracking fundamental movement skills. By taking a multi-pronged approach, 60MKC is addressing childhood inactivity and obesity in a manner like never before. For more information visit: http://60minkidsclub.org
60MKC has partnered with Sharing Dance to provide teachers, parents and kids with a suite of interactive Fit Tip videos. These videos are developed with the 21st century learner in mind. They increase student participation in physical activity through interactive and innovative digital media content focused not only on movement but also on adventure, spontaneity, humour and fun.
Check out the Sharing Dance Fit Tips here!