The Dancing with Parkinson’s program at Canada's National Ballet School (NBS) wouldn't be where it is without the help from Dance for PD®, an on-going non-profit collaboration between the Mark Morris Dance Group and the Brooklyn Parkinson Group based in Brooklyn. 

Together with NBS, Dance for PD® is committed to championing dance as a holistic health strategy for people living with PD. Our shared goal is to improve accessibility to dance programs for this community, and to increase the number of participants in Dance for PD classes in communities across Canada.

The Dance for PD® program offers specialized dance classes to people living with Parkinson’s disease in six locations throughout New York City, and works closely with partners around the globe to train teachers and foster classes based on the original Brooklyn model. Dance for PD classes offer people with Parkinson’s an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of dance and artistic expression while also offering physical relief from symptoms associated with PD. Drawing from a range of different movement styles, the program engages the participants mentally and emotionally, and creates a friendly social environment.

Dance for PD® has recently announced the publication of the exciting results from their first preliminary research project. The results of their study, published in the Journal of Neural Transmission, indicate that participants in the Dance for PD® program experienced significant improvements in their ability to walk, along with positive changes in quality of life.

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