dancED Movement Project  guides students in exploring artistic expression through dance and performance by delivering engaging artist-in-residence programs in Ontario and Alberta.

dancED focuses on building customized movement programs reaching curricular objectives and promoting  inclusive learning environments where every student, regardless of ability or experience, is given the opportunity to discover their creative potential.

One teacher states, I have been touched by Andrea and Krista’s ability to shine a light on the students who, due to familial, personal, or physical difficulties need extra support, encouragement or recognition. Over the six years that they have brought their program to our school I have personally witnessed children who are going through difficult times to be uplifted, empowered and overjoyed by the experience Andrea and Krista provide. -Jay Proctor, George H. Luck School.

Since 2008, dancED founders Andrea Gregorio and Krista Deady work with each class teaching movement fundamentals, and rehearsing comprehensive and challenging dance routines. All programs finish with the highly anticipated final showcase where students perform for their peers, parents and teachers in a full-scale production.

This year, Andrea and Krista are teaching the 2016 Sharing Dance routine to 500 students in Edmonton and Toronto, and encouraging them all to get involved in the broader Sharing Dance movement.

NBS is excited to work together with dancED to share the benefits of dance with young Canadians, and getting them to embrace their full, creative potential!