Canada's National Ballet School's Development Office is dedicated to helping individuals, corporations and government agencies find meaningful and mutually beneficial opportunities to become involved with NBS.

John Dalrymple
Chief of External Affairs

Tessa Bulham
Director of Development

Aimee Hawkins
Senior Development Officer, Stewardship
416.964.3780 x2105

Isabelle Moyer
Development Officer, Database & Operations
416.964.3780 x2101

Chelsea Ireton
Manager Development/Partnership Events
416.964.3780 x2205

Emilia Mesa
Coordinator, Development/Partnership Events
416.964.3780 x2123  

Samantha Robinson
Development Officer, Philanthropy
416.964.3780 x2128

Joanna Poblocka
Development Officer, Philanthropy
416.964.3780 x2146

Samantha Foster
Administrative Assistant, Strategic Partnerships
416.964.3780 x2154


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