staff member AnuschkaRoes

Anuschka Roes trained in the United States and Canada, dancing with regional companies in San Diego and Toronto. She studied at the U.S. International University in San Diego, California as well as at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, and subsequently completed a Master of Arts degree in Dance from York University in Toronto.  Over the course of her education and career, she has worked at a number of post-secondary institutions including Ryerson University and the University of Waterloo. Roes has been a guest lecturer at The Theatre Academy of Finland, Texas Christian University, York University, and at the University of Toronto.

Anuschka Roes has been teaching dance for over 40 years. She teaches classical ballet, national/character dance, Benesh Movement Notation and pedagogy. Roes has been particularly active in promoting the study and use of the Benesh Movement Notation throughout Canada, and she has produced a series of informational training videos about the concept that can be viewed on YouTube. Anuschka Roes has been a guest teacher across Canada, the United States, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. She was a consultant for the RAD Dictionary of Classical Ballet Terminology and other RAD publications, and has been on the executive committee for the RAD.  An examiner for both the RAD and the ISTD, she was appointed manager of the NBS Teacher Training Program in 1996 – a position she continues to hold today. Roes is proud of the success the Teacher Training Program, and its graduates, have seen over the years, with NBS graduates continuing to go on to hold positions in schools and companies in Canada and around the world. Anuschka is an integral part of NBS' Canada-wide outreach initiatives, leading movement and dance workshops with public school children in cities across the country including Nanaimo, St. John's, Drummondville and Toronto.