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Protocols for the Associates Program

Canada's National Ballet School has put enhanced health and safety measures in place for all students and staff. For the Associates Program, these protocols include, but are not limited to:
  • All students must provide a signed health declaration electronically before entering the building. Each time the student enters the building and signs-in, they are declaring that they are healthy, free of symptoms, had no known contact with a probable COVID-19 case, and have not traveled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.
  • Parents are required to assess their child for symptoms prior to attending classes. If a teacher or staff member observes symptoms of COVID-19 in a student, or a student reports feeling any symptoms of COVID-19 to a staff member, they will be removed from class and kept safely in isolation until a parent or guardian is able to pick them up. If your child has a condition that presents symptoms consistent with those of COVID-19, it is required that you present a doctor’s note confirming this diagnosis. Please see section below on returning to class after illness.
  • Only students will be granted entrance to the building – parents/guardians must drop students off at their designated entry point and will not be able to enter.  
  • Students will not have access to change rooms and are required to arrive at NBS prepared for class with their uniform worn underneath their outdoor clothes and hair done. Masks or face coverings are required for all who enter the building and should be worn in all spaces, including the studio. It is suggested that your child bring more than one mask.
  • To facilitate safe entrance to the building, students will be designated a specific entry point to the building (which may not be the main entrance) and will be assigned staggered arrival and class times. Upon arrival, students will be guided by NBS staff-members to their designated studio where they will find their assigned chair outside of the studio. Students will be provided with both a plastic and paper bag at entrance for which they will carry with them to the studio area. Once they arrive at their designated chair outside the studio, students will remove their outdoor clothes placing them and all other belongings (shoes, bags) in the plastic bag storing it under their chair for the duration of the class. Students will also be given a paper bag for their second mask for which they will bring into the studio to safely store. Students must limit the amount of items they bring to the building.
  • After changing, students should use the washrooms nearest their studio to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before entering the studio space.
  • Students will be assigned spots in the studio and will be required to remain in that space in order to maintain physical distance. Students will not participate in partner work. Class sizes are reduced to facilitate physical distancing in the studio and a reduction of visitors onsite. Class sizes are dependant on the studio space and will most often consist of ten students.
  • In order to reduce the number of guests onsite at one time, the number of Associates Program classes running concurrently will be reduced to a maximum of six classes.
  • At the conclusion of the class, students will collect their belongings and dress at their designated chair before being guided out of the building by NBS staff-members. Parents/guardians will meet students outside at their designated pick-up area.

Returning after Illness

When can you return to classes at NBS?
If you are not sure about returning to NBS after having symptoms, please talk with a health care provider.

If you do not get tested
You should isolate for 14 days, unless all the following apply:
  • a doctor diagnosed you with another illness
  • you do not have a fever (without using medication)
  • it has been at least 24 hours since your symptoms started improving (if you had symptoms)
If you test negative (you do not have the virus)
You can return to onsite classes at NBS if all the following apply:
  • you do not have a fever (without using medication)
  • it has been at least 24 hours since your symptoms started improving (if you had symptoms)
 **Note – Students of siblings with symptoms (or other people you live with) should NOT participate in the Associate Program until above criteria are met.

**Note - These guidelines have been adopted from the Ministry of Education.
If you have any questions about these protocols, please contact

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