March 12, 2020

An Update about Assemblée Internationale

At Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS), the health and safety of our community—including staff, students and visitors—is our first priority. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Toronto and around the world, and consulting with the appropriate public health agencies. NBS is also prepared with detailed plans and procedures should the risk level change in the Greater Toronto Area.
However, in this current climate of uncertainty, Canada's National Ballet School has made the difficult but responsible decision to postpone Assemblée Internationale until 2021. The festival will run from May 8 to 15 next year.
In these challenging times, what makes Assemblée Internationale so special is also what contributes to the uncertainty of carrying forward with the festival: bringing together a large number of students and adults from all over the world. With some delegates almost inevitably having to withdraw as we get closer to the original date, Assemblée Internationale would not be the event that we have envisioned and been planning over the past 18 months.
In true Canadian spirit, NBS looks forward to welcoming you in 14 months’ time when all involved will be able to fully immerse themselves in the rich and vibrant celebration of creative collaboration at Assemblée Internationale 2021.
With warmest regards,
Mavis Staines
Artistic Director & CEO, Canada's National Ballet School