November 04, 2020

NBS Physiotherapy Department Change of Practice Notice

This message applies to members of the NBS community who have received physiotherapy care either within:

  1. The past 10 years, or,
  2. Who were younger than 18 when their last appointment occurred and it has not yet been 10 years since their 18th birthday
The Physiotherapy department is currently closed to in-person care due to COVID-19. Both Jennifer Denys and Larissa Tutert (Physiotherapists and former co-Health Information Custodians) are no longer contracted by NBS. As a result of these changes, the Health Information Custodian role has been transferred by Jennifer Denys and Larissa Tutert to the NBS Nurse Practitioner, Natalie Puccio. Your health record has been and will continue to remain securely at NBS for the duration of its lawful retention period, as described below.
If you wish to speak with the previous Health Information Custodians, you may contact:
Jennifer Denys, Physiotherapist, at 905-208-8843 or
Larissa Tutert, Physiotherapist, at

If you wish to speak to the new Health Information Custodian, you may contact:​
Natalie Puccio, NBS Nurse Practitioner, at 416-964-3780 x 2136 or

Health records are securely retained at NBS in locked filing cabinets away from the public. The records are retained for 10 years past the last appointment, or 10 years past the 18th birthday of a patient whose last appointment occurred before their 18th birthday.

Please contact Natalie Puccio, Nurse Practitioner, if your last appointment occurred within the above-mentioned retention period and you wish to request any of the following:
  1. Access to your health record
  2. Correction of your health record
  3. Transfer of your health record to another lawful custodian