For 60 years, NBS has been a beacon of excellence for Olympic-calibre ballet training, embracing the evolution of dance, and leading the charge on systemic change. Our pursuit of excellence constantly reveals the life-changing impact of the power of dance. This is what drives our commitment to making dance a part of all Canadians’ lives. This mission is the foundation of the documents below.  

​2020-2021 Year in Review

YearInReview_2020-21.jpgThis report is presented in sections designed to convey evolving relationships between important themes: Resilience / Perseverance. Breakthroughs / Creativity. Connections / Partnerships. These thematic frameworks offer a useful lens to explore the incredible range of work undertaken at NBS—and in partnerships beyond our walls—in the past year. But they also represent continuums, rich in possibilities that have driven NBS’ growth over more than six decades, and that now inspire our future.

You will also notice an emphasis on change in this document, particularly in how NBS’ core activities are evolving to reflect our deeply held value of pursuing systemic change in every facet of our operations. A weaving of equity, diversity and inclusion priorities into the DNA of our School is a learning process as much as it is an actionable one, and we pursue it with the integrity of unwavering belief in what is right, especially when we confront our own responsibility to do better. Click below to learn more about NBS’ activities during the 2020/21 school year.

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 NBS' Strategic Plan 2019-2022

NBS continues its focus on excellence in ballet training, while leveraging its artistic core to expand NBS’ program offerings to engage more people than ever before. To realize this mission, NBS’ strategic plan:

• Increases the relevance of the art of ballet in the lives of all Canadians
• Reflects a vision of leadership that touches more communities, more partners, and a greater breadth and depth of talent than ever before
• Addresses the need to bring new faces to ballet – as prospective professional students and as future enthusiasts and supporters of the art form – embracing and nurturing a more diverse spectrum of children and youth to participate in dance and explore training at the highest level

Click the button below to view the Strategic Plan booklet, which outlines strategic priorities and key targets, surrounded by beautiful photographs of NBS’ programming in action.

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2019-2020 Year in Review

The past year has presented some of the most challenging and unpredictable circumstances any of us has ever faced; but out of difficult times, we have been galvanized to create some of the richest moments in our history. From shifting to virtual training for students in the Professional Ballet-Academic Program across 13 time zones, to creating new digital dance activities for all ages and abilities, to reimagining key fundraising events with the unwavering support of donors—this was a year of exciting breakthroughs.

Undoubtedly our most primary breakthrough was our awakening to our responsibility and accountability in advancing equity, diversity and inclusion. We have made stronger commitments and outlined clearer paths for swift and systemic change. Click below to learn more about NBS’ activities during the 2019/20 school year.

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Reports presented at Canada’s National Ballet School’s Annual General Meetings, including financial statements.

Annual Report

Report from the Board Chair

June 15, 2015

Canada’s National Ballet School has been fortunate in its history to appoint two visionary artistic directors: first, Betty Oliphant who established the School in 1959, and then Mavis Staines, who became artistic director in 1989 and celebrated her 25th season in this role in the 2013-14 year.