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Welcome to Canada's National Ballet School's (NBS) Adult Ballet community! Although we may not be dancing together in the studios at 400 Jarvis Street at the moment, we hope you will join us through the power of technology, and bring the joy of dance into your home.

As we all navigate these unfamiliar circumstances, we want to help you find creative ways to keep dancing. Below you will find a selection of adult ballet resources including online classes, as well as shorter videos. We hope you will enjoy these resources and share them with anyone you know who may benefit from dance during these challenging times. 



online classes

Follow along with NBS' Artistic Staff for a class in your home. Classes will feature barre, as well as a selection of centre exercises that can be performed in smaller spaces. Every Tuesday and Thursday we will be adding new classes below. You can also watch these classses on NBS' Instagram page. 

Beginner Ballet

Designed for the advanced beginner, this class is best suited for dancers with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of ballet technique. This class will go deeper into the work and aesthetics of ballet with longer barre exercises and varied arm positions.  

Taught by NBS Artistic Staff member Ian Parsons, featuring beautiful music by NBS Musician Rob Thaller. Explore Rob's music on Spotify or Apple Music.

April 1 and 7: 


April 14 and 21:


April 28 and May 5:


May 12 and May 19:


May 26:


Ian Parsons Answers Your Questions:

If you have questions about any of the class content, email Ian Parsons will be answering some of your questions in his future classes. Stay tuned!

May 26:


Intermediate Ballet

Designed for the Intermediate dancer, this class moves the dancer to the next level of accomplishment with more intricate and detailed combinations. 

Taught by NBS Artistic Staff members Phillip Payne, Katharine Garrett and Jillian Peever. These classes feature music by NBS Principal Pianist Marina Surgan and NBS Musician Craig Wingrove. Marina's CDs are available at The Shoe Room and Craig's music is available on Spotify.

April 2 and 9: 


April 16 and 23: 


April 30 and May 7:


May 14 and May 28:


more resources

Adult Ballet Resources with NBS' Ballet Bob!

Join NBS' Adult Ballet Program Coordinator Bob McCollum (also known as Ballet Bob) for these video resources to complement your online classes. In a set of videos released weekly, Ballet Bob will take you through a series of exercises focusing on topics including turnout, the upper body, stretching and feet. 

Turnout Series: Quickly wake up your Turnout muscles | The Standing Turnout Dance


The Turnout Series: Floor Exercises

Feet Series: Doming, Piano Toes, and Prances



Adult Ballet Resources from the Archive

To provide you with additional adult ballet resources during this period of social distancing, we have selected a few videos from our archives:




*Users of the content in these videos are responsible for exercising within their limits and seeking medical advice and attention when appropriate. By participating in the dance choreography and activities shown in these videos, users agree that they assume all risk of injury. Canada's National Ballet School and its Partners are not responsible or liable for any injuries that result from participating in the dance choreography and activities shown in these videos, and are released from all such liabilities or resulting claims.


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