associates program dancers enjoy class.

Financial Assistance

Canada's National Ballet School believes that dance education should be accessible to all members of our community, and works to remove barriers that may deter potential students from pursuing their passion and talent for dance. Through financial assistance, NBS supports high-calibre dance education for children ages 7-12 with a love for dance and the drive to pursue formal training, by addressing financial barriers and working with key partners in the community. Associates Program financial assistance covers all program fees and uniform costs. No dance experience is required for students ages 12 and under. 


Application Process

If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Submit an online application for financial support (using the link below)
  2. Complete an Associates Program audition. For current Associates Program students, suitability for the scholarship will be assessed through an in-class observation. For information about Associates Program auditions, contact
  3. Select candidates will have an interview with the Associates Program Manager 
Scholarships will be awarded on a comprehensive, needs-based assessment. Successful candidates will join the Associates Program at a class level determined by the Associates Program Manager based on the candidate’s audition.

Funding for each child will be re-evaluated annually with the intention of supporting participants throughout their engagement in the junior levels of the Associates Program. Funding is only available up to and/or until completion of Certificate VI.

For more information about the application process, or to request assistance, please contact the registrar’s office at or call 416-964-3780

Complete Application

associates program dancers enjoy class.

Learn more about Financial Assistance

The Renette Berman Family Scholarship Program

The Renette Berman Family Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to young students accepted into NBS’ Associates Program, providing access to dancers during their formative training years. This scholarship program, created and supported through the generous gift of Renette Berman and her family, covers all program fees and uniform costs.

The scholarship is available to children auditioning to enter NBS’ Associates Program levels Certificate I-VI (approximate age 7-12). Current Associates Program students, within the same age/level, are also eligible to apply. Applicants will be assessed on their overall suitability for the Associates Program through an in-person audition. Scholarships will be awarded on a comprehensive, needs-based assessment.
About the Renette Berman Family Scholarship Program
The Renette Berman Family Scholarship Program, created and supported through the generous gift of Renette Berman and her family, marks a significant growth in NBS’ capacity to support inclusion and accessibility in NBS’ Associates Program.
The Renette Berman Family Scholarship will enable NBS to significantly grow the number of financially-subsidized spaces available in the Associates Program over the next three years. This builds upon financial support programs currently in place thanks to the contributions provided by the William R. and Shirley Beatty Fund, the Delaney Family Scholarship, and the Carole and Howard Tanenbaum Family Foundation.

The Delaney Family Scholarship Fund

The Delaney Family have been longstanding donors to Canada’s National Ballet School and in NBS’ 60th Anniversary year, a fund was established to address student financial assistance for dancers new to the Associates Program, helping to ensure that dancers of all stages have access to the highest quality training at NBS.

Daniel Neville-Lake Fund 

When Daniel was 6 years old he came to me and said, “Mom, I want to do ballet.” 

I was a little surprised and thinking that he might be confusing ballet with something else, asked if he knew what ballet was.  We took books and videos out of the public library and sure enough, it was ballet that he wanted to do.  He danced with the City of Brampton Dance Department and every Mother’s Day, my gift was that he was on stage dancing for me.  He had a passion and love for ballet and even when given a choice to do something else he always chose ballet.  He was starting his fourth year as a dancer and took a lot of pride in his art.
- Jennifer Neville-Lake, mother
As a way to honour the memory of Daniel-William Roger Neville-Lake, and his love for dance, Many Hands Doing Good established this Fund with Canada's National Ballet School to encourage boys, particularly those aged up to 9 years of old, to remove financial barriers and encourage their participation in dance classes at Canada’s National Ballet School.
Contributions from the community to the Fund are always welcome and can be done here: The growth of the Fund provides ballet access to more boys.