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Whether you are a ballet connoisseur or watching a performance for the first time, Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) invites you to Fall in Love with Ballet. These performances and supporting materials have been curated and created to provide you with a glimpse, through the lens of young artists, into the beautiful world of ballet.
Explore the artistry and athleticism that goes into the training of these pre-professional dancers, aged 11-18. In the course of their training, each student spends thousands of hours to perfect their craft before embarking on careers as professional dancers on stages around the world. We are pleased to share a small selection of performances by NBS students that showcase talent in their formative years.


Experience performances from Canada's National Ballet School's Professional Ballet-Academic Program students. If you haven't already, you will find yourself falling in love with the magic and power of ballet.

More performances coming soon!

Aszure Barton's Come In

Watch an excerpt from Aszure Barton's powerful choreographic work Come In and access accompanying materials including viewing guides and interviews.

Learn more about Come In
Watch an interview with choreographer Aszure Barton and dancers Siphesihle November, Ryan Tomash and Alexi Skinner.

Viewing Guides for Teachers:
Click below for PDFs to help you share Come In and ballet with your students. 

Grade 4-6         Grade 7-9       Grade 10-12

Jera Wolfe's Arise

Arise, created by Jera Wolfe for Canada’s National Ballet School, explores how collaboration and support for one another enables us to rise up and face challenges in our lives.

Learn more about Arise:

Arise by the numbers

Viewing Guides for Teachers:
Click below for PDFs to help you share the magic of Arise and ballet with your students. 

Grade 4-6        Grade 7-9       Grade 10-12


Evolution of Ballet

Many people think of ballet only in terms of “toe shoes and tutus” but that is not the whole story.


Role of the Choreographer

The creation of a ballet begins with a choreographer who engages many tools to create their art. Explore this visual graphic on the role of a choreographer.

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Music has the power to affect the choreographer, dancers and every viewer. So how does a choreographer select music? 

Professional Ballet Training at Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS)

NBS knows how dance affects our bodies, minds and souls. We know it because we live it and help others live it every day.


Create Your Own Choreography

It’s your turn to create a choreography! Put on the many hats that a choreographer wears to put together your very own dance production. Explore the following workbooks for a guided learning experience that enables you to experiment, create and share!
Print the appropriate Choreography Workbook for you/your child:  

ages 4-6   ages 6-12   ages 12+

Share your creation with Canada’s National Ballet School!
Email sharingdance@nbs-enb.ca with photos or videos of how you are sharing the joy of dance at home! 

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More ways to dance

NBS Sharing Dance Choreography

Learn the 2020 NBS Sharing Dance Choreography

The 2020 NBS Sharing Dance choreography is here! Learn this year's choreography by Jera Wolfe and join tens of thousands of Canadians in the nation's largest celebration of the power of dance.

Access the choreography

Resources for Kids

Step-by-step videos, activity plans, and more help support kids' self-expression, collaboration and physical literacy—all in fun and engaging activities that are easy to do at home.

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