On March 20th, NBS hosted a screening of the film Capturing Grace, directed by Dave Iverson. Tthe award-winning film tells the story of the Brooklyn Dance for PD® program in New York. Capturing Grace conveys the transformative power of dance, and illustrates the beautiful moments that emerge when a community of dancers come together to explore both their physical and creative potential. The film was followed by a discussion between Dance for PD® Program Director and founding teacher David Leventhal, filmmaker Dave Iverson and Lorraine Kalia, a neurologist at Toronto Western Hospital. To learn more about the film, please visit www.capturinggracefilm.com/

NBS welcomed David Leventhal, the Program Director of Dance for PD®, who was visiting Toronto to provide a training workshop for those interested in becoming Dance for PD® instructors. During the workshop, he led a class as a guest instructor for the School’s Dancing with Parkinson’s class. Along with Sarah Robichaud, the Founder and Executive Director of Dancing with Parkinson’s Canada, David led a moving and inspirational class which was livestreamed, and will be available online until the end of April.

NBS’ Health Initiatives and Research Consultant Rachel Bar recently spoke to the Toronto Star about the beneficial effects that dance has on people living with Parkinson’s. In the article, Rachel discusses the research project she and her colleague Joseph DeSouza, a neuroscientist at York University, are currently conducting. She explains the ways in which they are working with volunteer participants from the School’s Dancing with Parkinson’s program to study the neurological changes that result from the weekly classes. If you’re interested in learning more, please click here. You can also view a brief interview with Rachel online.
To ensure that the benefits of dance become available to an even wider community, NBS is working with a consortium of partners, including Dancing with Parkinson’s Canada, Parkinson Canada and Dance for PD®. Together, the network will expand the number of communities hosting the Program for people with PD and work together to improve accessibility to dance classes and resources for people living with PD, regardless of physical mobility or geographical proximity. The network will also increase access to training opportunities and professional development resources for dance instructors, while raising awareness about the unique power of dance to improve quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Please consider donating to the Moving for Life Fund. All funds raised go towards expanding the Dancing with Parkinson's program across Canada. Click here for more information and/or to make a donation.