Sharing Dance in the Classroom

Sharing Dance in the Classroom

Get your classroom dancing! NBS Sharing Dance Kids gives you all of the tools you need to bring the joy of dance to your classroom. Inspire creativity and build physical literacy skills with fun dance lessons and activities. Best of all, no dance experience is necessary to facilitate or participate in these lessons and the resources are completely FREE.

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NBS Sharing Dance provides a stimulating means for all kinds of learners to get active... It’s contagiously appealing and inspiring for the students, compelling them to participate wholeheartedly.

— Lili Steer, Toronto public school teacher

Why Dance?

Dance encourages kids to work from their own experiences and abilities, communicating thoughts, emotions and ideas through movement. Dance develops important skills like:

  • Exploring ideas through the creative process

  • Using movement to tell stories

  • Building self-confidence and a personal identity

  • Collaborating and working with a group

  • Learning and practicing the elements of dance

  • Cross-curricular and integrated learning

All Sharing Dance classroom materials are designed to be nationally relevant, meeting the needs of dance curricula across all provinces and territories, and can be used as a kinesthetic tool for exploring several school subjects, including language, science, geography, and more!

Available Classroom Resources:

  • Resources for ages 6-12

  • Printable lesson plans and sample rubrics

  • Downloadable music and online videos

  • Includes content created in collaboration with indigenous artists.

  • An online community for teachers/instructors to share experiences and recommendations


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