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Sharing Dance in the Community

Dance helps kids excel in all aspects of life! Bring dance to your community and transform kids’ lives one step at a time. NBS Sharing Dance Kids is a suite of FREE online dance resources for community leaders in settings like after-school programs, community centres, and summer camps. Best of all, no dance experience is necessary to facilitate or participate in these lessons! 


Dance encourages kids to work from their own experiences and abilities, communicating thoughts, emotions and ideas through movement. For kids, ongoing involvement in dance can:

  • Build physical literacy; the love of movement and desire to be physically active for life
  • Improve physical health
  • Increase social and communication skills
  • Strengthen bonds with peers
  • Improve self-esteem and self-confidence
Sharing Dance Kids provides community leaders with the tools they need to introduce dance in their program. Videos and class plans are designed to build participants’ physical, social and emotional skills, helping them grow and respond to the world around them with knowledge, intelligence and imagination. Sharing Dance Kids resources and tools include:
  • Resources for ages 6-12
  • Printable activity plans
  • Downloadable music and online videos
  • Content created in collaboration with indigenous artists.
  • An online community for instructors to share experiences and recommendations


REACH is your one stop for all Sharing Dance online resources.
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Sharing Dance aligns completely with the values…that we train our staff to embrace

— Anna Sturino, Director of Operations, St. Alban’s Boys & Girls Club

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