NBS Sharing Dance Day Choreography 2021

Each year, Canada’s National Ballet School commissions a Canadian artist to create a piece of choreography that embodies a thoughtful theme. The 2021 NBS Sharing Dance Choreography, created by Jera Wolfe and Lua Shayenne, is an expression of this unique moment in time, lived and felt by the global community.

Our worlds have become smaller in unexpected ways, giving way to reflection and metamorphosis, and bringing into focus the things that matter most. We’ve learned how to connect without touching, to navigate new realities without maps, to be still within chaos, to adapt by bending and flowing. The choreography encourages each of us to go inward as the path to connect with the immediate world around us; to explore this process of isolation, reflection, growth, transformation and balance through movement.

Through this year’s choreography, dancers can explore and reflect on their own unique experience from the past year. The choreography is divided into small sections and taught through set-by-step video resources, adapted for ages 6 to 100+. Resources support educators, community programmers for kids, programmers for seniors, dance studios, families, individual dancers and more. 

Introducing NBS' 2021 Sharing Dance Choreographers—Lua Shayenne and Jera Wolfe!

Watch the video below to learn more about their process for creating this year’s choreography:

Learn more about Lua Shayenne and Jera Wolfe!

Learn the 2021 NBS Sharing Dance Choreography

We are excited for you to learn the 2021 NBS Sharing Dance Choreography! Whether you are dancing alone, with your classroom, or alongside members of your family, here you will find instructional videos for the full choreography, with variations that are suitable for all ages.

If you would like to access cross-curriculuar extension activites, assessment tools, and additional adaptations of the choreography, register for the NBS Sharing Dance Choreography 2021 course by clicking below.

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