participants at Sharing Dance Fest in Halifax

Canada’s National Ballet School’s (NBS) Sharing Dance Fest is a nationwide dance party celebrating the joy of movement. Communities gather to celebrate dance, appreciate local artists, and connect with one another through the power of dance.

Each year, a passionate Canadian choreographer creates a work that embodies a powerful theme. Tens of thousands of people across the country participate in NBS Sharing Dance Fest by learning the choreography in the classroom, at home and in the community, and then gathering to perform the choreography at NBS Sharing Dance Day events near them, flash-mob style, to celebrate their shared love of movement. Sharing Dance Day events take various shapes – they may be grassroots (community or participant-led) or produced by NBS and other partner organizations.

Who is NBS Sharing Dance Fest for?
Individuals who want to dance and engage with their community, school teachers who want to introduce their classrooms to the benefits of dance and community leaders who want to incorporate dance in a variety of settings, including camps and after-school programs.

Why NBS Sharing Dance Fest?


  • Have fun with friends and family and connect with a nation-wide community united by a love for dance and movement
  • Learn choreography created by professional dance artists – but don’t worry, it’s designed for everyone to be able to learn and enjoy dancing
  •  Increase your physical activity while working towards a concrete goal


  • Free access to themed choreography created by professional dance artists – designed for everyone to be able to learn – with step-by-step instructional videos, educational content and information about nearby workshops and rehearsals
  • Resources and online support to help you adapt the choreography to be inclusive to dancers of different ages and abilities
  • A fun-filled field trip complete with dance performances by professional artists, educational activities, flash-mob performances, dance workshops, and more

NBS Sharing Dance Day is online this year! Find out how you can get involved in this special interactive online celebration of movement and music. 

Learn more about NBS Sharing Dance Day 2020

“There was something magical about this entire experience that connected us all together. I think the fact that the emphasis was using dance as an accessible medium for all, for self-expression, helped to break down certain thoughts that people have about dance.”

— Renata, Teacher in Winnipeg


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Thank you to our generous partners for making
NBS Sharing Dance Fest possible!