Author: Emily M.
May 04, 2017

“Ballet is a universal language and watching dancers from around the world in class was absolute proof of this.”HLiu_04_050317.jpg
Emily pictured with fellow AI dancers from around the world. Photo By: Hannah Liu
Well everyone, we are officially halfway through the week of Assemblée Internationale 2017! AI is in full swing and the hum of excitement through the school continues to grow daily. Flashing back to the first day of AI, the morning of our guests arrival, the participants greeted and reunited with new and old friends alike. The buzz of excitement and energy in the air could not be rivaled with anything that I have ever experienced. Nothing was more exciting than watching each school bound through our open doors, wide eyed and rosy cheeked, ready for the wonderful week of collaboration and learning. Even in this short time, there is genuine comradery noted between the dancers as NBS ambassadors and visitors alike chat about hopes for the week and anticipation for the invigorating events.

The daily ballet classes are so inspiring and it is very interesting to see dancers from different schools come together in one ballet class. Even though most of them do not speak the same language, the connection the dancers have with the music and each other is beautiful and magical. Ballet is a universal language and watching dancers from around the world in class was absolute proof of this. It doesn’t matter where we are from, AI is bringing us all together to celebrate our love of ballet and dance.
Speaking to some of the students about what they thought of their classes and rehearsals so far, they all seemed to share one thought in common: they love the thought of bringing the diversity of 21 schools under one roof and essentially dancing in a ballet class or rehearsal with the entire world!
The performances that have already taken place can only be described as electric. The sheer passion and pride demonstrated by each school as they took the stage, representing their home country, was truly inspiring. The shows were exhilarating and rich with cultural diversity and unique personality.
There is no denying that our engines are totally revved as we take on the second half of the week. There are still two more performances to go and these are some of the most anticipated, as all have been choreographed by NBS Alumni/current students, with a selection of the pieces being world premieres. As the school continues to burst at the seams with excitement, personally, I can’t wait for the rest of this amazing week to continue. Until next time!