Author: Inara W and Noelle B
May 05, 2017

"Every dancer executes their dancing with a tremendous amount of focus and determination."

So far this week has been inspirational, educational, and full of amazing talent. From observing classes, to performances, we have seen a wide range of techniques and choreography. For us young dancers, being able to witness such inspirational talent is an amazing opportunity and honor. Experiencing an event such as Assemblée Internationale is so valuable to us students who are hoping to pursue a professional career.

Being able to watch the morning classes has been such a treat. Every dancer executes their dancing with a tremendous amount of focus and determination. We have seen dancers from all around the world and are now able to recognize each school's unique style of training. It’s a privilege to be among such respected teachers, directors, and choreographers and we couldn’t be more grateful for this once in a lifetime experience.

This week’s performances have left us speechless and excited for more to come. All the pieces have been performed with an enormous amount of passion and dedication. Noelle and I look forward to the final few performances that will include the collaboration of different schools and works created by NBS students and Alumni.

This world uniting festival brings the dance community together and we are so appreciative to be a part of it.