Two senior students have participated in the inaugural Choreographic Project at the annual Prix de Lausanne Competition, January 28 – February 4, 2018. In addition, another four students have been invited to perform at the Orchard Ballet Gala in Tokyo, Japan, February 11 and 12, 2018.

The Prix de Lausanne Choreographic Project saw the Prix’s partner schools sending two students to offer a world premier collaboration to the Prix de Lausanne public. Initiated by the Prix’s Artistic Director, Shelly Power, students learned a new contemporary piece over a 10 day period, choreographed by Goyo Montero, Director of the Nuremberg Ballet (and a Prix de Lausanne laureate). The work was performed during the Prix de Lausanne interlude on February 3 and can be watched here.

In Japan, NBS students will perform two pas de deux; one is from a newly commissioned work by Robert Binet, Three Images of Hope, the second is the pas de deux from La Fille Mal Gardée, choreographed by Alexander Gorsky.

The Orchard Ballet Gala is Japan’s first, international ballet forum planned in conjunction with world-renowned ballet schools. Selected students from Japan’s ballet schools will perform alongside students from international professional ballet schools including Canada, Russia, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands.

NBS students Daina Zolty and Christopher Waters represented NBS in Lausanne, with Leo Hepler, Genevieve Penn-Nabity, Arielle Miralles and Jason Chen performing in Tokyo.

NBS’ Artistic Director and CEO, Mavis Staines says “NBS is honoured to be invited to participate in these international celebrations. The students are greatly looking forward to engaging and networking with peers and artistic staff in Lausanne and Tokyo. I am thrilled that the ideals demonstrated through NBS’ three Assemblée Internationale festivals of collaboration and creativity have inspired my colleagues to create similar opportunities for students . The dance world as a whole will benefit from these experiences, where sharing is a priority and everyone gives so freely of their expertise and talent”.
Please click on the links for more information about the Prix de Lausanne and the Orchard Ballet Gala.